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Lash Lift Luxe Masterclass: TOP Secrets of Successful Lash Lift

Lash Lift Luxe Masterclass: TOP Secrets of Successful Lash Lift

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Welcome to my unique Lash Lift Luxe live masterclass, a thorough and transformative masterclass crafted meticulously for aspiring lash artists and seasoned professionals seeking to elevate their lash lifting prowess to luxurious levels. It is time to forget about inconsistent and unhappy results. This masterclass is designed not only to sharpen your technical skills but also to unveil the concealed secrets behind every successful lush and sumptuous lash lift, blending theory with demonstration techniques for a lash transformation that speaks volumes.

Core Objectives:

  • Lash Lift shields: Different shapes and how to choose the correct one + Do we glue or not glue the shields to the skin?
  • Lash Lift solutions placement: when and where apply solutions to achieve better result. 
  • Lash Lift glue or Lami balm? 
  • Lash Lift timing and Lash Check during treatment: no more over processed lashes. 
  • My unique tips and tricks for better results. All contributing materials to improve the work and the final result.

What You Will Gain:

  • Expertise: Sharpen your skills with theoretical knowledge, becoming proficient in executing flawless lash lifts.
  • Confidence: Arm yourself with the know-how to navigate through various lash scenarios and challenges, ensuring every lift is a luxurious experience for your clients.
  • Certification: Gain a valuable certification of completion, solidifying your expertise and credibility in the lash industry.

Highlights & Features:

  • Live Demonstrations: Engage in live, detailed demonstrations of lash lifts on diverse lash types and scenarios, absorbing techniques, and methods in real-time.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Have your queries addressed in interactive Q&A segments, ensuring no question goes unanswered.
  • Exclusive Tips & Tricks: Unlock hidden gems of knowledge with exclusive tips and tricks shared nowhere else, giving you an edge in your lash lift practice.


Date: 14th of November 2023

Time: 11am till 4pm

Location: 14 Feathers Place, Greenwich, LONDON, SE10 9NE, United Kingdom

Price: £200

Embark on a journey where each curl is a testament to your expertise, and every flutter of the lashes is a signature of your luxurious service. Enroll in the "Lash Lift Luxe" masterclass and redefine lash excellence. Spaces are limited!

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Essential Information


Please note that this masterclass does not include hands-on practice on a model. You will have the opportunity to observe a demonstration only.


At the end of the masterclass, you will be awarded a certificate of attendance. Please note that this certificate is not accredited as it is not a full-fledged course.


The masterclass is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. To enroll in the masterclass, it is advisable to already have experience in the field of Lash Lift.