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Brow Lamination Training

Brow Lamination Training

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Brow Lamination is a revolutionary brow lifting treatment that is gentle, non-drying and non-damaging. Brow Lamination also nourishes and thickens damaged, thin and weak eyebrows and creates a long-lasting taming effect on bushy eyebrows.

Our Brow Lamination training course requires no prior experience in the beauty industry and is suitable for complete beginners, as well as those who feel like they need to refresh their knowledge in basic brow styling and safety.

When purchasing our Brow Lamination Training course, please contact us on to arrange suitable dates for the session.

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Essential Information


VIP Course (1 student): £629 (+£130 kit optional)*

The price of the course includes kit*, certificate, manual and lunch.

A deposit of £200 is required to be paid in advance to secure your place. The remaining payment for your course should be paid at the latest on the day of the course.

We have a 14 day cancellation policy which means that you can still cancel or reschedule your course date at least 14 days prior the course date. If you are unable to attend the course, you must let us know at least 14 days before the date of the course. If you cancel your session without giving 14 days prior notice we will unfortunately be unable to refund you the cost of your deposit.

* For availability and to book, please email us at with suitable dates.

Course Details

The curse covers the following topics:

  • Who is the treatment for
  • Health and safety
  • Contraindications, patch test
  • Pricing, revenues and treatment times
  • Pre and Post treatment
  • Hair Biochemistry
  • Chemical process of Brow Lamination
  • Products, tools and equipment
  • Treatment procedure
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Live demonstration
  • Marketing and business tools


The course begins at 10am and finishes at around 6pm. We begin with theory and health and safety followed by a 1 hour lunch. After lunch, the student will practice on a live model. Lastly, we finish with marketing and building your business.


You will need to bring a live model to practice on (the model should arrive at 2.30pm).

We are only able to arrange a model if you are coming from abroad. The price of this service is £60. Please give us notice of at least 14 days before the course date if you would like to use this service.

Kit Details

1 x InLei Brow Bomber Lift 1
1 x InLei Brow Bomber Lock 2
1 x InLei Brow Bomber 3
1 x InLei Tint Developer
1 x InLei tint Brown
1 x InLei tint Cappuccino
1 x InLei Brush Picasso
1 x InLei Brush Michelangelo
1 x InLei Solo Bowl
12 x InLei F-brush
1 x InLei Tweezer
1 x Brow InLei Thread
1 x London Lash kit box
1 x Reusable Paper bag
1 x London Lash Rose Gold Crystal Pen
1 x Notebook


Upon completion of the Brow Lamination Training course you will receive a InLei Brow Bomber accredited certificate.