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Eyes are the window to the soul and brows are the perfect frames! Our Brow Henna Training course has been developed to help you design perfect eyebrows for each individual client, every time!


The Brow Henna training course is perfect for both, complete beginners and experienced technicians who have not yet had experience with brow henna, or those who want to expand their knowledge on brow grooming.


Our Brow Henna course will impress you with some new techniques and brow styles and, most importantly, how and when to choose the brow henna dye for your clients. The use of Brow Henna requires professional product knowledge – this is why our trainers are here to help with the most up to date information and techniques that will bring your brow treatments to a luxury level.



When purchasing our Brow Henna Training course, please contact us on to arrange suitable dates for the session.

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